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Here’s my YouTube introduction ūüėÄ

I posted it yesterday and am just meshing into it! You can click here to watch it or just watch below ūüėÄ

xoxo ‚̧



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I’ve been inactive for a very very very long time (my apologies…)

But just to let you know….I CREATED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL YESTERDAY!!!

Go check it out by clicking here!! Or you can search for VolterraReader on YT and find me!!

Please subscribe you guys ‚̧


An Idea…

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I had this idea…one I think is kinda good…but I want YOUR guys’ opinion. What if I made a YouTube account…?? Comment so I can know what you guys think…

BETRAYED by P.C. and Kristen Cast

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If you read any of my previous posts you know I really like Marked…IT WAS SO GOOOOOOOOOOD!! So of course I ordered off of the sequel…just beacuse I got that addicted.

The story – A month has past since Zoey arrived at the House of Night. So far a lot of sh!t has happened…for example Zoey had to save her hot ex-bf from crazy vampyre ghosts. So far her accomplishments have included: becoming the leader of the Dark Daughters, “stealing” hottie Erik Night from her “enemy” and becoming the most famous fledging/vampyre in HISTORY (heck…just like Harry Potter!!) So far she’s just trying to get around like a normal teenager (but seriously…she’s already a vampyre!!!) Everything goes swimmingly until the hot new vampyre laureate Loren Blake seems to be “flirting” with her. So of course she’s still kinda inlove with heath (hot human ex-bf), she’s kinda dating Erik and she’s kinda flirting with Loren (SERIOUSLY…she’s stealing all the hotties!!!!!) So what happens (after a while) is that she sees Neferet (who we can’t forget is also Zoey’s mentor as well as High Priestess…) giving Elliott (one of the freaky fledglings who died the month before) her blood! Is that effed up or what?!?!? Meanwhile Aphrodite’s been told by Neferet that Nyx took away her gift (her visions) and so everyones thinks she’s a laughing stock!!! But when one of Aphrodite’s visions saves Zoey’s grandma Zoey begins to believe in Aphrodite’s visions and doubt Neferet. So when Stevie Rae dies (I seriously cried…) and Zoey sees her in a dream in which they kidnap Heath (and then it happens) both Zoey and Aphrodite start to think that Zoey may also have the power to see the future. So Zoey takes her horse to save Heath (they’ve imprinted after Zoey drank even more of his blood) so she’s able to find him very easily. Under the ground (in like sewers and stuff…) Zoey discovers a bunch of “dead” fledglings including Stevie Rae. They’re about to kill Zoey and Heath when Zoey’s abe to use her affinities for the elements to scare them off but she’s also able to make Stevie Rae back off a bit. While she’s leaving with Heath she’s told that Neferet is behind everything (a fact that Zoey already kinda subconsciously knew.) So Neferet brainwashes her but she then remembers stuff and yeah…So they’re like enemies…and her and Aphrodite are frenemies?!?!



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2010: New Year, New You

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20TEN has FINALLY arrived. It’s been a good year, one I really liked. I started this blog and at first I thought it was just stupid…but seeing the comments and everything you guys have left me I feel kinda loved. I read in total 20 books…I wish I had read more. For purposes of time management I will not be posting a blog here about the last two books of 2009…(which sadly were this summer…) But I wanna wish you all a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2010!!! See ya later ‚ô•


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VAMPIRE DIARIES (books I and II) by L.J. Smith

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Vampire Diaries (the Awakening and the Struggle)My cousin Saida (who’s also into vampire books) told me I should seriously read this series. I decided to order the first two books (the Awakening and the Struggle which can now be found in a single volume).

The story- Elena Gilbert lives in a small town. She’s the perfect girly girl, blonde, blue eyed and popular. One day though a handsome dark wavy haired italian (YAY!) looking guy in a leather jacket comes to school. He’s Stefan Salvatore, a sexy transfer student. What Elena doesn’t know is that Stefan is already madly in love with her since she reminds him so much of Katherine, his ex love back from Renaissance Florence (oh…and she doesn’t know he’s a vampire either…) Well practically Elena is being followed around by a black crow (if you don’t know this crow’s are meant to be scary) which actually turns out to be Damon, Stefan’s older and slightly sexier and definitely crueler older vampire brother who was also in love with Katherine and now wants Elena as well…

The TV show- I’ve heard this buzz about the CW producing a show based on the Vampire Diaries (and personally I think that Marked would have made a better drama series but oh well!) I’ve seen the sneak peak (free this week on iTunes) and actually…am quite exited to see how it turns out. Of course though I have a few things to say about the show. Isn’t Elena meant to be the complete opposite of the Elena they have in the show who is dark haired and dark eyed? But oh well…the CW does have a tendency of changing characters but still making incredible shows (both me and my mother are absolutley OBSESSED with Gossip Girl). The Vampire Diaries will premiere in the USA on the CW Thursday September 10th at 8/7 central.

I enjoyed this book. I didn’t find it mind-blowing but still it was enjoyable. I know that many people are against Twilight since they say that there is a resemblance to the Vampire Diaries and yes there is a resemblance but it is TINY: vampire-human ¬†relationships and love triangles. Let’s see…Vampire Diaries involves a love triangle between beautiful human-good vampire and bad vampire. Twilight involves a love triangle between clumsy human-sweet and selfless vampire and kind of selfish and immature shapeshifter (I AM NOT A TEAM JACOB HATER…Jake is H-A-W-T!!!) I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Vampire Diaries series and also watching the show tomorrow night!


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MARKED by P.C. and Kristin Cast

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MarkedIf you guys haven’t already noticed I LOVE VAMPIRE BOOKS! I was always unsure though to read Marked or not though since it isn’t your conventional vampire novel. BUT IT IS AMAZING!

The story- Zoey is your typical teenage girl. Beautiful, popular and smart. But when one day at school a weird tattoo like mark starts spreading across her forehead she realizes she’s a vampyre. So of course she’s sent off to the House of Night; a high school founded just to instruct vampyre teens. So she’s off to her new fancy dancy school (fancy shmancy right?) Her first night is kind of…uh…weird. She sees a sexy blonde giving…uh…head? to a super hot vampyre dude. YAY!!! But something weird is going on at the House of Night…something that isn’t ordinary (extraordinary if you will…) For some reason the Dark Daughters and Sons have weirder rituals than normal and stuff. Well…it’s hard to tell about the book without ruining it for you guys…

I really loved this book. I love fantasy and I love vampires (vampyres…or whatever you want to call them!) It’s a great coming of age novel and I didn’t expect it!!!! I really can’t wait to read the next installments!!!


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THE SUMMONING by Kelley Armstrong

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the SummoningMy friend Veronica recommended this book for me and so…since I am so coolio…I read it!

The Story- Chloe is pretty normal. She’s a freshman at an Arts High School and all she wants to do in her life is become a famous Hollywood director. But there’s just one problem: Chloe Saunders can see dead people (Oooooooh!) Even though seeing ghosts and dead people is quite a popular topic in films if you have this unfortunate “gift” in real life you find that you have a one way ticket to a mental hospital. So Chloe finds herself in Lyle House, a sort of rehabilitation house for “misguided teens” and there she meets a group of kids who have also been lead to believe that they have psychological problems and illnesses. Chloe though is convinced that she isn’t actually “Schizophrenic” like they’ve told her. Of course thought if anyone came up to you and said “Hi! I can see dead people!” anyone will instantly think that they’re a bit nuts. But when the freaky, greasy haired buff guy starts opening webpages on necromancing for Chloe and hinting that Liz wasn’t actually taken to a hospital but killed Chloe starts believing that she might not be the only one in Lyle House with “gifts”. So, taking a huge leap, Chloe discovers that Lyle House was an experimental home for people with “gifts” captained by a freaky scientist. So Chloe then decides that her, Simon, Derek and Rae must all run away from Lyle House. Well does that turn out well?? Read on…

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! While I was in L.A. I picked up a copy of The Awakening and was awestruck. These books flow so easily and are so amazingly written. You feel as if you’re living with the characters. I wish I was locked into Lyle House. I was first interested in reading it when Veronica brought it to me since I was researching the topic of necromancing for a book I’m writing. BUT I LOVED ITTTTT!!!


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NEED by Carrie Jones

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NEED by Carrie JonesMy friend (well…best-roman-friend/wannabe author/book advisor…sometimes) came up from Rome in April and said “Take these and read them”. Sooooo…being the AHMAZING friend I am I did.

The story- Zara (BTW- if you’ve never been C.H.E.C.K. ¬†O.U.T. ¬†A.N.Y. ¬†Z.A.R.A. ¬†C.L.O.T.H.I.N.G. ¬†S.T.O.R.E.!!) is devasted after her step-father’s death and so her mother send her to live with her grandma in Maine, a place she never truly visited though her family lived there. The day after she arrives she’s sent to school (uhm…okay. In the book Maine is cold – like Forks – and she goes to school on the second day – like Twilight – just saying) There she meets friends and of course two hot guys are already fighting for her attention (I wouldn’t be complaining). Weird stuff keeps happening though. She finds golden dust on the driveway and on the back of Nick’s (sexay huh?) jacket. Plus: some weirdo’s been stalking her (what’s up with that?!) She doesn’t know who to trust and what to think. Turns out her gran, best friend, sorta boyfriend and bestfriend’s handicapped crush are all some sort of shapeshifter (and yes…Nick IS a WOLF!!! Odd.) She also discovers she finds pixiedust everywhere…..Uhm….odd!!!

Well…if I say more I’m kind of going to ruin the book for you…

I enjoyed the book. It wasn’t spectacular but it was a nice¬†time-filler¬†and I really liked the characters (especially Issy and Gran.) I suggest this book to pretty much anyone. It’s a nice and light fantasy.


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VolterraReader update – July 2nd 2009

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Unless you guys haven’t noticed (which is very probable) I haven’t written any reviews lately (bad Gemma!) The reason behind that is school. I’m a freshman (or was back when I was still in school) and at the end of the year I had some trouble with uhm….school subject(s) (NAMELY: latin!!!!!!!!!) I was studying a lot and so I didn’t have time to come and write here….sorry to anyone who actually READS this blog! But yeah…I’ll just tell you whats been up in June for me (I can’t really remember any other months…I’m kinda dumb >.<)

Uhm so yeah…..I finished school on the…13th of June. On the 12th I had my dance recital in the theater and on the 13th I danced in the main square. A friend from L.A. came to see me that night and we went to my best guy friend’s birthday. We then broke into the park and they all got drunk (besides my friend and I and another friend) and it was F-U-N-N-Y!!!! Then she left on Sunday (sadness….) On the…21st I left for NEW YORK!!!! And now I’m in L.A. and I bought some book and read them…so yeah….that’s me!!!

If you guys ever want to contact me (which I find VERY doubtful) I’ve set up an email address you can contact me at: I will also be on MSN every now and then with that contact so add me.


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