BETRAYED by P.C. and Kristen Cast

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If you read any of my previous posts you know I really like Marked…IT WAS SO GOOOOOOOOOOD!! So of course I ordered off of the sequel…just beacuse I got that addicted.

The story – A month has past since Zoey arrived at the House of Night. So far a lot of sh!t has happened…for example Zoey had to save her hot ex-bf from crazy vampyre ghosts. So far her accomplishments have included: becoming the leader of the Dark Daughters, “stealing” hottie Erik Night from her “enemy” and becoming the most famous fledging/vampyre in HISTORY (heck…just like Harry Potter!!) So far she’s just trying to get around like a normal teenager (but seriously…she’s already a vampyre!!!) Everything goes swimmingly until the hot new vampyre laureate Loren Blake seems to be “flirting” with her. So of course she’s still kinda inlove with heath (hot human ex-bf), she’s kinda dating Erik and she’s kinda flirting with Loren (SERIOUSLY…she’s stealing all the hotties!!!!!) So what happens (after a while) is that she sees Neferet (who we can’t forget is also Zoey’s mentor as well as High Priestess…) giving Elliott (one of the freaky fledglings who died the month before) her blood! Is that effed up or what?!?!? Meanwhile Aphrodite’s been told by Neferet that Nyx took away her gift (her visions) and so everyones thinks she’s a laughing stock!!! But when one of Aphrodite’s visions saves Zoey’s grandma Zoey begins to believe in Aphrodite’s visions and doubt Neferet. So when Stevie Rae dies (I seriously cried…) and Zoey sees her in a dream in which they kidnap Heath (and then it happens) both Zoey and Aphrodite start to think that Zoey may also have the power to see the future. So Zoey takes her horse to save Heath (they’ve imprinted after Zoey drank even more of his blood) so she’s able to find him very easily. Under the ground (in like sewers and stuff…) Zoey discovers a bunch of “dead” fledglings including Stevie Rae. They’re about to kill Zoey and Heath when Zoey’s abe to use her affinities for the elements to scare them off but she’s also able to make Stevie Rae back off a bit. While she’s leaving with Heath she’s told that Neferet is behind everything (a fact that Zoey already kinda subconsciously knew.) So Neferet brainwashes her but she then remembers stuff and yeah…So they’re like enemies…and her and Aphrodite are frenemies?!?!



Volterra Reader ♥


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