VAMPIRE DIARIES (books I and II) by L.J. Smith

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Vampire Diaries (the Awakening and the Struggle)My cousin Saida (who’s also into vampire books) told me I should seriously read this series. I decided to order the first two books (the Awakening and the Struggle which can now be found in a single volume).

The story- Elena Gilbert lives in a small town. She’s the perfect girly girl, blonde, blue eyed and popular. One day though a handsome dark wavy haired italian (YAY!) looking guy in a leather jacket comes to school. He’s Stefan Salvatore, a sexy transfer student. What Elena doesn’t know is that Stefan is already madly in love with her since she reminds him so much of Katherine, his ex love back from Renaissance Florence (oh…and she doesn’t know he’s a vampire either…) Well practically Elena is being followed around by a black crow (if you don’t know this crow’s are meant to be scary) which actually turns out to be Damon, Stefan’s older and slightly sexier and definitely crueler older vampire brother who was also in love with Katherine and now wants Elena as well…

The TV show- I’ve heard this buzz about the CW producing a show based on the Vampire Diaries (and personally I think that Marked would have made a better drama series but oh well!) I’ve seen the sneak peak (free this week on iTunes) and actually…am quite exited to see how it turns out. Of course though I have a few things to say about the show. Isn’t Elena meant to be the complete opposite of the Elena they have in the show who is dark haired and dark eyed? But oh well…the CW does have a tendency of changing characters but still making incredible shows (both me and my mother are absolutley OBSESSED with Gossip Girl). The Vampire Diaries will premiere in the USA on the CW Thursday September 10th at 8/7 central.

I enjoyed this book. I didn’t find it mind-blowing but still it was enjoyable. I know that many people are against Twilight since they say that there is a resemblance to the Vampire Diaries and yes there is a resemblance but it is TINY: vampire-human  relationships and love triangles. Let’s see…Vampire Diaries involves a love triangle between beautiful human-good vampire and bad vampire. Twilight involves a love triangle between clumsy human-sweet and selfless vampire and kind of selfish and immature shapeshifter (I AM NOT A TEAM JACOB HATER…Jake is H-A-W-T!!!) I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Vampire Diaries series and also watching the show tomorrow night!


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