THE SUMMONING by Kelley Armstrong

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the SummoningMy friend Veronica recommended this book for me and so…since I am so coolio…I read it!

The Story- Chloe is pretty normal. She’s a freshman at an Arts High School and all she wants to do in her life is become a famous Hollywood director. But there’s just one problem: Chloe Saunders can see dead people (Oooooooh!) Even though seeing ghosts and dead people is quite a popular topic in films if you have this unfortunate “gift” in real life you find that you have a one way ticket to a mental hospital. So Chloe finds herself in Lyle House, a sort of rehabilitation house for “misguided teens” and there she meets a group of kids who have also been lead to believe that they have psychological problems and illnesses. Chloe though is convinced that she isn’t actually “Schizophrenic” like they’ve told her. Of course thought if anyone came up to you and said “Hi! I can see dead people!” anyone will instantly think that they’re a bit nuts. But when the freaky, greasy haired buff guy starts opening webpages on necromancing for Chloe and hinting that Liz wasn’t actually taken to a hospital but killed Chloe starts believing that she might not be the only one in Lyle House with “gifts”. So, taking a huge leap, Chloe discovers that Lyle House was an experimental home for people with “gifts” captained by a freaky scientist. So Chloe then decides that her, Simon, Derek and Rae must all run away from Lyle House. Well does that turn out well?? Read on…

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! While I was in L.A. I picked up a copy of The Awakening and was awestruck. These books flow so easily and are so amazingly written. You feel as if you’re living with the characters. I wish I was locked into Lyle House. I was first interested in reading it when Veronica brought it to me since I was researching the topic of necromancing for a book I’m writing. BUT I LOVED ITTTTT!!!


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