MARKED by P.C. and Kristin Cast

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MarkedIf you guys haven’t already noticed I LOVE VAMPIRE BOOKS! I was always unsure though to read Marked or not though since it isn’t your conventional vampire novel. BUT IT IS AMAZING!

The story- Zoey is your typical teenage girl. Beautiful, popular and smart. But when one day at school a weird tattoo like mark starts spreading across her forehead she realizes she’s a vampyre. So of course she’s sent off to the House of Night; a high school founded just to instruct vampyre teens. So she’s off to her new fancy dancy school (fancy shmancy right?) Her first night is kind of…uh…weird. She sees a sexy blonde giving…uh…head? to a super hot vampyre dude. YAY!!! But something weird is going on at the House of Night…something that isn’t ordinary (extraordinary if you will…) For some reason the Dark Daughters and Sons have weirder rituals than normal and stuff. Well…it’s hard to tell about the book without ruining it for you guys…

I really loved this book. I love fantasy and I love vampires (vampyres…or whatever you want to call them!) It’s a great coming of age novel and I didn’t expect it!!!! I really can’t wait to read the next installments!!!


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