VolterraReader update – July 2nd 2009

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Unless you guys haven’t noticed (which is very probable) I haven’t written any reviews lately (bad Gemma!) The reason behind that is school. I’m a freshman (or was back when I was still in school) and at the end of the year I had some trouble with uhm….school subject(s) (NAMELY: latin!!!!!!!!!) I was studying a lot and so I didn’t have time to come and write here….sorry to anyone who actually READS this blog! But yeah…I’ll just tell you whats been up in June for me (I can’t really remember any other months…I’m kinda dumb >.<)

Uhm so yeah…..I finished school on the…13th of June. On the 12th I had my dance recital in the theater and on the 13th I danced in the main square. A friend from L.A. came to see me that night and we went to my best guy friend’s birthday. We then broke into the park and they all got drunk (besides my friend and I and another friend) and it was F-U-N-N-Y!!!! Then she left on Sunday (sadness….) On the…21st I left for NEW YORK!!!! And now I’m in L.A. and I bought some book and read them…so yeah….that’s me!!!

If you guys ever want to contact me (which I find VERY doubtful) I’ve set up an email address you can contact me at: VolterraReader@live.com. I will also be on MSN every now and then with that contact so add me.


Volterra Reader ♥



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