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The Chrysalids (Re-Birth)This book (published in the U.S. as Re-Birth) was suggested to me on Yahoo Answers (if you don’t get it read my previous posts -_-‘) and I was surprised to learn that it is in fact considered a classic (HAHA! To everyone – my mom – that says I only read contemporary writers…NAHNAHNAHNAHNAH…) since it was published back in 1955! Well…yeah…I ordered it and read it and this is what I got!

Story- The story is a post apocalypse story about genetic mutation. It all starts with David Strorm, a young boy who one afternoon goes down to the river to splash in the water (how peachy!) There he meets a girl and the two of them play together. The girl (Sophie) then hurts her foot and after a long fuss about NOT taking her shoes off David carries her back to her home.  Once there he realizes that she has six toes and not five on each foot. Coming from a very religious home (the book is of course based in the future and the only text from the ‘Old People’ that was found is the Bible) and everything that doesn’t resemble God’s image in considered a blasphemy (is that how you write it??) One day one of the boys from town discovers the truth about Sophie and  tells the entire town. Sophie and her parents are forced to leave so to not be destroyed. Years pass and no mutation goes on until David one day learns he can communicate with others while not speaking with them. His group calls this communication ‘trading thought shapes’. As time passes and the kids in the group grow older the town begins to have superstitions and so David, his cousin Rosalind and his younger sister must run away to keep from being killed. They arrive where they are finally accepted…

This book was really really good and I really enjoyed it. I love sci-fi novels when they’re light and not Star-trekky. I do suggest this book to almost everyone and if you are an S. Meyer fan (like me!!!) and you read “the Host” you will love this book.


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