GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters

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Generation Dead

I’ve NEVER been someone who labeled myself unlike my friends. I have friends who practically go around with those “Hello my name is…” stickers attached to their shirts with their stereotype not their name in the name slot. You’ll find my friend Virginia with her “Hello my name is Emo” sticker or my friend Alice with “Hello my name is Hippie” stuck to her forehead. I’m not like that. I don’t get the point of labeling yourself and the people who live around you (I don’t see anything wrong with it though if you do. I just don’t see myself doing it!). Why can’t you just be yourself? Why do you have to fit in with the norm or with the people you find cool? I will never be afraid to go around with a sticker on my shirt saying “Hello my name is Gemma and I am 100% uniquely and perfectly me and if you have a problem you can stick it up your a$$”. Sorry if that got a little ugly but that’s who I am and people who have a problem with that have problems. I am myself. I consider that I have a little portion of any stereo stype in my blood. Yes I like slasher movies and I think blood is tasty, yes I wear indian and bohemian skirts, yes I sometimes wear a shit load of eyeliner, yes I love wearing pink and miniskirts, yes I love to read (as you can all see). Does that make me Goth/Vampire? Does that make me a Boho Hippie? Does that make me Emo or Scene? Does that make me a complete Girly Girl? Does that make me a bookworm? No…it doesn’t! it just makes me ME…Okay. Sorry I got slightly out of hand here…I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND LABELS!!!

Let’s move on to the book…

The story- Phoebe Kendall is your typical High School student attending Oakvale High. Yes she’ goth and has an immense passion for writing gothic poetry so how does that make her average? No, Oakvale High is not a school for goth kids (though that would be AWESOME) it is apparently one of the best schools in the USA for differently biotic kids. Only a few years earlier a strange phenomenon occured all over the world mostly concentrating itself in suburban United States. People are coming back from the dead! Well…not just people. It seemd that the differently biotic only seem to be teenagers and the scientists believe it’s because of fast food and comfort food. Pheobe and her best friend Margi have had a bad experience with differntly biotic kids before. Only a year or two before their close friend Collette died drowning and came back giving them all a shock. Since then Margi and Phoebe have never gotten close to any of the “zombie” kids. But that all seems to change. Tommy Williams is fairly new at Oakvale and along with Karen, he is quite different for the other “dead” students. He can speak quickly and use his brain without taking hude blocks of time. He walks instead of shuffling and suprising the entire country signs up for the Oakvale High football team. Adam, Phoebe’s neighbour and probably closest guy friend, is on the team and doesn’t understand his friends’ reaction to Tommy. His friend Pete for example doesn’t understand why they come back and honestly doesn’t want them to be back. The situation is quite normal; undead kids running around on the football field and stuff (OMG…I find that normal??? I am weirder than I recall!) But everything stirs when Margi sees a poem hanging in Tommy’s locker. Differently biotic kids aren’t known to be at all creative and Margi gets an even bigger scare when she notices that the poem is in Phoebe’s handwriting (WTF Pheebs?!) As the school becomes part of an experiment to study differently biotic kids and how they react in the company of normal kids Phoebe and Tommy get closer, close enough for him to ask her to the homecoming dance. Adam has already discovered that he likes Phoebe as more than a friend and knows that if he interferes she won’t be happy. As homecoming night approaches the zombies organize a party at the Haunted House, an old abandoned home where some of the zombies live. There Adam’s old gang conduct a plan to get rid of the differently biotic. In the exitement Pete aims at Phoebe and Adam jumps in front of her. Adam dies and come back. As he comes back to “life” Phoebe can think of only one thing; “Bringing him back. Bringing him back as far as she possibly can.” (page 392 GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters Hyperion New York 2008 hard copy edition).

This book was really good. It’s different from all the other zombie books out there. It’s a zombie love story if you will. I love the whole idea of going to school with undead beings. It truly makes you think what you would do if that actually happened. I suggest you read it if you like an originally spun tale.


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