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Daughters of the Moon book 1Back when I still lived in the USA I would spend endless Saturdays in Barnes and Nobles with my best friend Sara. Our tradition started in 3rd grade and what we would do was go around all the isles and pick up books we thought found interesting by looking at the cover or reading the exert on the back. We would then bring a pile of 10 or so books to the little stage were they did afternoon shows for kids and we would read the first chapter of each book to decide which ones we wanted to buy. We would pretend to be literary agents, choosing the right book to publish! When I was in 4th grade Sara ran up to me with a golden tinted book in her hand saying “This looks good!” I read the back and looked at the cover and I agreed but it wasn’t the first book in the series so we went back to the right shelf and pulled off book number one. We then read it and decided to “publish” it. I’ve read this book before, back in 4th grade, and loved it but I thought that maybe now I was older I could just read it again and understand better…

The story- Vanessa Cleveland has ALWAYS wanted to be like everyone else. She wanted to worry about school and zits and have a relationship with the hot Michael Saratoga. But this all seemed impossible. Each time her emotions get too acute her molecules disappear making her invisible. Her best friend Catty has similar problems, she can turn back time. They’ve known each other forever and both wonder if they have a curse or a gift and they beg to know why they both have the same moon amulet that was given to them at birth. Slowly, with the help of two girls Serena and Jimena, the truth of their facts unravel!

I love this book! It’s a really good read! Back in 4th grade (when I didn’t know yet about the magical Amazon.com) I searched EVERYWHERE for the second book but couldn’t find it. I just found out right now that it is a 13 book series!!!! OMG that’s long! If I ever live long enough I shall read them…LOL!


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  1. OMG!! I love these books the library at my school got rid of the books thogh! 😦

    • I’m sorry to hear that!!

      • omg i cant belive that how could they .they are great books

  2. i love the books im on number 10

    • Wow!!! I wish I could find them here in Italy…

  3. I read all of these. They are amazing. =]

    One thing that bugs me, though, is the models on the front cover. I want to know what their names are, mainly because I kinda look like the first book’s model. Anyone know?

    • LOL…I know what you mean!! I HATE when on book covers/music videos/cd covers they have a model/actress and they NEVER say who she is. my main reason fr hating this is that whenever I start writing (and believe you me, that’s often) I sometimes feel like that person resembles a character physically!!!

      • I was doing a repost for one of my college classes on how everyone in the world has at leat 1 person they resemble physically. I ended up having to bring the book in to use as an example since we’re kinda close look-wise. Because I didn’t know her name I couldn’t get a better picture.

  4. report** not repost… lol

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