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Companions Of the NightThis was one of the many books I ordered off Amazon. And may I just say everything about it caught my eye. The cover, the title, the exert and especially the author’s name (WTF?!?)

The story- Kerry Nowicki is any typical teenage girl. She lived with her father and younger brother Ian and her mother had left the year before. One night she drives down to the 24 hour laundry to pick up her brother’s stuffed animal. Once there a group of men, including the owner of the store, drag a boy in. His face is bruised and blood clings to his hair. The men are calling him a “vampire” and Kerry finds this hard to believe (no duh!) She then frees Ethan Bryne (sorry, the boy that was claimed “vampire”) and he drives her back home. The day after Kerry is at work and her father doesn’t arrive to pick her up. Ethan is at the store though and so he drives her home where she finds the living room destroyed, a message on the wall written in red paint. It’s then that Kerry’s two day adventure with Ethan begins. An adventure filled with kidnapping, car theft, vampires and true love!

I liked this book. It wasn’t “OMG this is fantastical!” good but it was good. The beginning of the story was more gripping than the end but I still found it fun to read. It was kind of repetitive for a vampire story, something you would expect of ANYONE (besides Stephenie Meyer of course) but in Ms. Vande Velde’s defence she made a vampire story with typical vampire characteristics much more interesting than I would expect. I suggest it to anyone who likes a good vampire novel


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