REBEL ANGELS by Libba Bray

February 13, 2009 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Rebel Angels by Libba BrayLibba Bray yet again was able to make an AMAZING story come to life! In the sequel to her best selling A Great and Terrible Beauty Ms. Bray is still able to make characters jump off pages (not in the literal sense of course!)

The cover: I have decided to do this cover talk everyone hates every time I like the cover just so I write more. Well: this cover is awesome!!! I’ve always liked the Gemma Doyle Trilogy covers since they’re not typical, they’re different. I like the colors on this one…they pwetty!!!

The story: The story takes place three months after where we left off in A Great and Terrible Beauty, in other words three months after Pippa’s death. It’s December and both Gemma and Felicity will be spending Christmas in London while Ann stays at Spence. But after a promise to try and enter the Realms again while on holiday Felicity hastily invites Ann to stay with her in London (after making up one of the most outrageous stories ever!) Before they leave though a new teacher, Ms. McCleethy, arrives at Spence to take Miss Moore’s empty spot. Gemma doesn’t particularly warm to her and in conclusion, seeing her around London during Christmas, she thinks that she may just be Circe. The holidays progress and Gemma, Felictity and Ann are able to re-enter the realms. With Kartik nearby and being her family’s new driver Gemma discovers that she must find the Temple within the Realms to restore the magic! Plus, Simon Middleton, a posh young bachelor from London, asks Gemma “on a date”! YAY! More romance!!!

I really liked this novel, it was familiar yet AMAZINGLY refreshing! I found it great to read and I loved every moment of it. So many suprises and twists that I REALLY didn’t expect!! It was great, and to make it even greater Kartik (♥) kisses Gemma (I only find this great and I’m not jealous since MY name is Gemma!!! HEHEHE XD!!!)

Truly, I suggest this book to ANYONE who loves romance, adventure and fantasy!!


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  1. I heartily agree! I finished GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY on Sunday, and an hour after finishing the first book, I got in my car, drove through a snowstorm to B&N, and bought the second and third books in the series. I’m in the throes of REBEL ANGELS right now, and I can barely put the book down long enough to check my blog for comments.

    Love. Love. Love these books!

    • Hahaha….I know EXACTLY how you feel!

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