BURNED by Ellen Hopkins

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Burned by Ellen HopkinsI had ordered a bunch of books off Amazon.co.uk that people had suggested to me through Yahoo Answers. One of the suggestions and answers to my question had said: “You should read Burned by Ellen Hopkins” so I ordered it. It arrived along with the other 20 or so books I had ordered and they sat on my desk (as they very much do now!) unopened. I had began reading Vampirus by Scott Westerfeld (which was in Italian…blech) and couldn’t get through it so I picked Burned up. It was about 10:30 p.m. and I read the back cover when I finally decided it was interesting I began reading it. Then I discovered it was in poetry form and I thought “OH CRAP!” but I read it anyway and finished it at 2 a.m. 

The cover: the cover is beautiful. It gives the true effect of burnt paper and I think is truly unique.

The story: Pattyn Von Stratten is a good, well mannered and very religious Mormon girl. She lives with her mother, father and sisters in Nevada. Her life is that of any typical, overly religious girl’s until she has a dream she never had experienced before, a sexual fantasy. From then her life starts becoming reckless and crashes. She’s then sent to live with her aunt in the Nevada wilds for the Summer. She expects to find punishment but she finds just the opposite. In her aunt she finds redemption, in the wilds she finds salvation and in Ethan Carter, a college student who lives down the road from her aunt, she finds true love. She finds everything she ever wanted until it all disappears

I truly enjoyed this book. Written in free verse poetry (no rhymes involved) I finally discovered that if written well even poetry can lead to the most amazing novel ever. I felt every emotion reading this story; love, hate, tenderness towards others. I laughed and cried (a lot!) and just fell in love with the words Ellen Hopkins created. It’s definitely amazingly written and stunning. It has one of the most gorgeous sayings of love in it

You’re like the ocean, Pattyn.

Pretty enough on the surface,

but dive down into your depths,

you’ll find beauty most 

people never see. Lucky me.

I fell in, headfirst.

Burned by Ellen Hopkins. Simon Pulse 2006 paperback edition

I reccomend it to anyone who loves life and love.


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  1. i love your books! you are my favorite i love this book so much!!!!

    • I didn’t exactly get this comment but ok. Are you saying you love Ellen Hopkins books?!

  2. Oh, my gosh. This is the 2nd best book ever!! (2nd only to Ellin Hopkins’ OTHER book, crank. Also, I didn’t like the ending of the book… ) 😛

    • I agree…I think it could’ve ended better…I was sort of confused by the end.

    • i did i love all her books there all great they relate to me so well

      • It ended kinda quickly..

      • I sorta agree


  4. I just read this, and I cried at the end. So sad. The baby and everything! But I won’t give anymore away for those of you who haven’t read it. It was amazing watching the transformation of Pattyn… She totally changed. When I stole it from my friend, I was like, ‘Hey can I borrow this!” and she was all “Yeah. It’s really good. All poetry.” That DID change my mind. “Um.. maybe I don’t want to borrow it.” But alas I did, and I’m so glad! I love this book. Has anyone else read any of her other books?

  5. i love this book because it sorta relates to my life i jus felt it should have been a second part but still a lovely book

  6. i loved her book crank i havent read burned yet bt im going to get it 2day an read it an i didnt like the ending of crank either it left me confused an wanting to no more i hope that burned is just as good if not better im so excised to read it yayaya!!!!….

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