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Daughters of the Moon book 1Back when I still lived in the USA I would spend endless Saturdays in Barnes and Nobles with my best friend Sara. Our tradition started in 3rd grade and what we would do was go around all the isles and pick up books we thought found interesting by looking at the cover or reading the exert on the back. We would then bring a pile of 10 or so books to the little stage were they did afternoon shows for kids and we would read the first chapter of each book to decide which ones we wanted to buy. We would pretend to be literary agents, choosing the right book to publish! When I was in 4th grade Sara ran up to me with a golden tinted book in her hand saying “This looks good!” I read the back and looked at the cover and I agreed but it wasn’t the first book in the series so we went back to the right shelf and pulled off book number one. We then read it and decided to “publish” it. I’ve read this book before, back in 4th grade, and loved it but I thought that maybe now I was older I could just read it again and understand better…

The story- Vanessa Cleveland has ALWAYS wanted to be like everyone else. She wanted to worry about school and zits and have a relationship with the hot Michael Saratoga. But this all seemed impossible. Each time her emotions get too acute her molecules disappear making her invisible. Her best friend Catty has similar problems, she can turn back time. They’ve known each other forever and both wonder if they have a curse or a gift and they beg to know why they both have the same moon amulet that was given to them at birth. Slowly, with the help of two girls Serena and Jimena, the truth of their facts unravel!

I love this book! It’s a really good read! Back in 4th grade (when I didn’t know yet about the magical Amazon.com) I searched EVERYWHERE for the second book but couldn’t find it. I just found out right now that it is a 13 book series!!!! OMG that’s long! If I ever live long enough I shall read them…LOL!


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Companions Of the NightThis was one of the many books I ordered off Amazon. And may I just say everything about it caught my eye. The cover, the title, the exert and especially the author’s name (WTF?!?)

The story- Kerry Nowicki is any typical teenage girl. She lived with her father and younger brother Ian and her mother had left the year before. One night she drives down to the 24 hour laundry to pick up her brother’s stuffed animal. Once there a group of men, including the owner of the store, drag a boy in. His face is bruised and blood clings to his hair. The men are calling him a “vampire” and Kerry finds this hard to believe (no duh!) She then frees Ethan Bryne (sorry, the boy that was claimed “vampire”) and he drives her back home. The day after Kerry is at work and her father doesn’t arrive to pick her up. Ethan is at the store though and so he drives her home where she finds the living room destroyed, a message on the wall written in red paint. It’s then that Kerry’s two day adventure with Ethan begins. An adventure filled with kidnapping, car theft, vampires and true love!

I liked this book. It wasn’t “OMG this is fantastical!” good but it was good. The beginning of the story was more gripping than the end but I still found it fun to read. It was kind of repetitive for a vampire story, something you would expect of ANYONE (besides Stephenie Meyer of course) but in Ms. Vande Velde’s defence she made a vampire story with typical vampire characteristics much more interesting than I would expect. I suggest it to anyone who likes a good vampire novel


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VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Richelle Mead

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Vampire Academy by Richelle MeadAs I’ve already stated I had asked for a lot of book suggestions on Yahoo Answers and one person suggested I should try out the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, so I did. First of all, awesome name!!! I love the name Richelle. Sounds so posh yet inconspicuous!

The story: Two years prior (god that sounds posh) Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir escaped from Sr. Vadimir’s academy for Vampires. Now, pay attention because this becomes complicated: Lissa is a royal Moroi princess. Now, Moroi are mortal vampires that are able to tap into the Earth’s magic. Rose instead is a dhamphir, a half human half vampire mortal hybrid. Now Rose attends St. Vlad’s (HEHE, nice nickname) to become a guardian so she can protect Lissa from Strigoi, EVIL and IMMORTAL vampires! Now the girls have been found and sent back to the academy where they take on a brand new adventure mixing with their old fears and stories.

I liked this book. It was a different twist on a over-told story: vampires! Thanks to Miss Mead I discovered probably one of the hottest bad boys known to literature: Christian (♥)! But the book contains MANY hot vampire (or half vampire) guys including Mason (who OMG reminds me of Mike Newton from the Twilight Saga)! I reccomend this book to people who like true life stories with an adventure twist to it.


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BURNED by Ellen Hopkins

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Burned by Ellen HopkinsI had ordered a bunch of books off Amazon.co.uk that people had suggested to me through Yahoo Answers. One of the suggestions and answers to my question had said: “You should read Burned by Ellen Hopkins” so I ordered it. It arrived along with the other 20 or so books I had ordered and they sat on my desk (as they very much do now!) unopened. I had began reading Vampirus by Scott Westerfeld (which was in Italian…blech) and couldn’t get through it so I picked Burned up. It was about 10:30 p.m. and I read the back cover when I finally decided it was interesting I began reading it. Then I discovered it was in poetry form and I thought “OH CRAP!” but I read it anyway and finished it at 2 a.m. 

The cover: the cover is beautiful. It gives the true effect of burnt paper and I think is truly unique.

The story: Pattyn Von Stratten is a good, well mannered and very religious Mormon girl. She lives with her mother, father and sisters in Nevada. Her life is that of any typical, overly religious girl’s until she has a dream she never had experienced before, a sexual fantasy. From then her life starts becoming reckless and crashes. She’s then sent to live with her aunt in the Nevada wilds for the Summer. She expects to find punishment but she finds just the opposite. In her aunt she finds redemption, in the wilds she finds salvation and in Ethan Carter, a college student who lives down the road from her aunt, she finds true love. She finds everything she ever wanted until it all disappears

I truly enjoyed this book. Written in free verse poetry (no rhymes involved) I finally discovered that if written well even poetry can lead to the most amazing novel ever. I felt every emotion reading this story; love, hate, tenderness towards others. I laughed and cried (a lot!) and just fell in love with the words Ellen Hopkins created. It’s definitely amazingly written and stunning. It has one of the most gorgeous sayings of love in it

You’re like the ocean, Pattyn.

Pretty enough on the surface,

but dive down into your depths,

you’ll find beauty most 

people never see. Lucky me.

I fell in, headfirst.

Burned by Ellen Hopkins. Simon Pulse 2006 paperback edition

I reccomend it to anyone who loves life and love.


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REBEL ANGELS by Libba Bray

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Rebel Angels by Libba BrayLibba Bray yet again was able to make an AMAZING story come to life! In the sequel to her best selling A Great and Terrible Beauty Ms. Bray is still able to make characters jump off pages (not in the literal sense of course!)

The cover: I have decided to do this cover talk everyone hates every time I like the cover just so I write more. Well: this cover is awesome!!! I’ve always liked the Gemma Doyle Trilogy covers since they’re not typical, they’re different. I like the colors on this one…they pwetty!!!

The story: The story takes place three months after where we left off in A Great and Terrible Beauty, in other words three months after Pippa’s death. It’s December and both Gemma and Felicity will be spending Christmas in London while Ann stays at Spence. But after a promise to try and enter the Realms again while on holiday Felicity hastily invites Ann to stay with her in London (after making up one of the most outrageous stories ever!) Before they leave though a new teacher, Ms. McCleethy, arrives at Spence to take Miss Moore’s empty spot. Gemma doesn’t particularly warm to her and in conclusion, seeing her around London during Christmas, she thinks that she may just be Circe. The holidays progress and Gemma, Felictity and Ann are able to re-enter the realms. With Kartik nearby and being her family’s new driver Gemma discovers that she must find the Temple within the Realms to restore the magic! Plus, Simon Middleton, a posh young bachelor from London, asks Gemma “on a date”! YAY! More romance!!!

I really liked this novel, it was familiar yet AMAZINGLY refreshing! I found it great to read and I loved every moment of it. So many suprises and twists that I REALLY didn’t expect!! It was great, and to make it even greater Kartik (♥) kisses Gemma (I only find this great and I’m not jealous since MY name is Gemma!!! HEHEHE XD!!!)

Truly, I suggest this book to ANYONE who loves romance, adventure and fantasy!!


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