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The Prophet of YonwoodI read and ADORED both the City of Ember and the People of Sparks (I’m reading the last installment now, The Diamond of Darkhold.) But I was kind of worried about The Prophet of Yonwwod since it is in fact a prequel. I wasn’t sure how well it would translate and if it would make much sense.

The cover: the covers for the Books of Ember have never been particularly beautiful but they’ve always been creative and they’ve always made sense, for example on the cover of The City of Ember there is a light-bulb and in it the coils spells Ember (my brother actually showed me this.) The cover for The Prophet of Yonwood was slightly more complicated to decipher but I did it! (You want to know? No…I’m not ruining the story for you…HUMPH!)

The story: Eleven year old Nickie travels to Yonwood, a town in North Carolina with her aunt Crystal after her great grandfather died. The talk of war is near but the people of Yonwood aren’t afraid. They have a Prophet, Althea Tower, who had a vision of a world destroyed and killed. She speaks of her vision and the people of Yonwood believe that she is a direct line to God. The town is going crazy over giving things up and Nickie is scared that the town is crazy. She befriends Grover, a friendly boy only a few years older than her who has a passion for snakes, and Amanda, the teenage girl who worked for her great grandfather before his death. Nickie and Grover try to find out what is really going on. Try to figure out if Althea’s vision is a chance or if war is unavoidable.

Actually UNDERSTANDING (this does contain some spoilers so read at your own free will!): I really liked how you could fully understand what happened to create the City of Ember and the town of Sparks. Greenhaven, Nickie’s great grandfather’s home in Yonwood, is actually the Town Hall of Sparks which means that Sparks and Yonwood are indeed the same place. Meaning that Nickie’s father, who was working on creating Ember (it is unclear if he is the Chief-Builder of the Assistant or just some random person building Ember), was nearby when Nickie and Crystal were in Yonwood. You discover that Nickie was one of the first people into Ember and she was the one who wrote the journal that later, after hundreds of years, Doon and Lina discovered in the cave.

I liked this book, didn’t love it but did like it. I reccomend it to anyone who truly like knowing how previous stories occured. My favorite part must of been figuring out what exactly everything is and how it all works. I loved discovering about how Ember was created and what Sparks truly was before the Disaster (they called it the Crisis in Nickie’s time, see, information!)


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