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The Diamond of DarkholdAs I have already said before I really enjoy the Books of Ember! And I found that The Diamond of Darkhold was a near-perfect conclusion.

The cover: It’s bright and I love that! Blue and yellow are two of my favorite colors and the contrast is great on the cover! (I think I might stop this cover talk…people no like it!)

The story: The story starts off where The People of Sparks left off! It’s the first winter above ground for the Emberites and things aren’t so easy. People are hungry and houses are being destroyed. One day a roamer passes through town and with a match Lina buys a book  for Doon. Only eight pages are left in the book but the cover has large print on it, “For the People of Ember“! Lina and Doon study the book but have trouble finding any clues. So, under desperate measures, Doon and Lina decide to head back to Ember to replenish Sparks’ supplies. Once at the ledge they see a flicker of light coming from the bottom of the city. They head down using a coiled ledge that winds all the way around the perimeter of the cave and leads them into the Unknown Regions. But they aren’t alone. There is a new family in Ember, the Troggs, who capture Doon and hold him hostage. He manages to escape and him and Lina discover the diamonds that where left for the Emberites but that were never found.

The story is amazing and in the end it hints that Lina and Doon (♥) get together! You then see a glimpse into the future when a gleaming city of light is created. Lina’s great-great-granddaughter lives here and she keeps a drawing, a drawing of a shining and gleaming city that is hundreds of years old!


Volterra Reader ♥



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