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The DeclarationMy dad bought me this book two or three years ago for only one reason: the author and I share the same first name! I was like “Great dad, thanks for picking a random book out!” I never did read it…until last week!

The cover: the cover is pretty and girly and frilly and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it ♥! I am lame…I know but i like this cover a lot! It’s cute!

The story: The book is based in 2140 and a cure to stop death has been found. But a document has been created, a document stating that whoever is to sign it may not have children. But people don’t always follow the rules. Anna’s parents didn’t and now she has been taken away to a Surplus Hall where she is to Learn Her Place as scum. She is truly convinced that she hates her parents for having her, for being selfish! But one day Peter (♥…I need to see a doctor! I love fictional eye-candy!) arrives and whispers to Anna during class: “You’re Anna Covey aren’t you? I know your parents!” Anna is flabbergasted (LOL…I ♥ that word!) since Surpluses don’t have two names, they only have one. Peter knows everything about Anna, her birth-date, her name and that she has a birth mark that looks like a butterfly on her stomach. He needs to convince Anna to leave Grange Hall and return to her parents.

I really, really liked this book! It is written extremely well (I hope it gets a movie deal!) I reccomend it to anyone who likes light science fiction and futuristic stories.


Volterra Reader ♥ (tell me if these hearts are getting on your nerves! I might not listen though!)



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  1. What would happen if a Surplus took Longevity drugs, Mr Sargent?”

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