INKSPELL by Cornelia Funke

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InkspellImmediately after reading Inkheart I rushed over to one of the bookcases in my room and grabbed the signed copy of Inkspell that had permanent residence there for almost a year.

I really, really, really loved Inkheart. It was the perfect mix of fantasy and peril. I didn’t think it could be beat but Ms. Cornelia proved me wrong…again!

The cover: The cover art is FANTASTIC! I love how, yet again, the story is incorporated on the cover! It was nice to get a view of the Inkworld!

The story: Now for the part which is amazing…the story behind the covers! I didn’t think C. Funke could make anything better than Inkheart without making it sound cheesy. But the plot here is done quite marvelously! The story begins with Farid (♥) and Dustfinger. They have both found someone who, like Meggie and Mo, can read people to and from stories! His name is Orpheus and Farid doesn’t necessarily trust him! Orpheus reads Dustfinger into the book but leaves Farid out! Basta all of the sudden appears out of no where (WTF!?) and Farid runs to Elinor’s where he hopes to find the Folcharts. After a couple of nights Farid convinces Meggie to read themselves into the Inkworld to worn Dustfinger that Basta might just come back to kill him (OMG!!) Meggie’s fascination of the Inkworld grew with Resa’s mute stories and she is convinced quickly. The morning after their departure Basta, Orpheus, The Magpie (or known as Mortola! Meanest witch EVER! NB: she’s not actually a witch…) and a man named Sugar (this made me LOL…Sugar is a man as big as a wardrobe!) show up at Elinor’s for Meggie. Mortola wants to kill Meggie to get her revenge on Capricorn but discovering that Meggie has already left Mortola convinces Orpheus to read herself, Basta, Resa and Mo into the Inkworld! In the Inkworld all certain magics are happening…magic spun from words…words written by Fenoglio and read by Meggie. Together Meggie, Farid, Fenoglio and Dustfinger (OMFG! Dustfinger is married and has a daughter?!?! Resa’s not going to like that even after she got Mo back, she don’t like liars!) set of on an incredible journey to free the Inkworld (WOW! That sounded cheesy!)

Well…I truly recommend this book to ANYONE who has the a passion and a hunger for books. Adults and children alike.


Volterra Reader ♥






P.S.OMFJG!!! Thank you Anna for getting Farid and Meggie’s love story in the book! OMG thank you!!!


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