INKHEART by Cornelia Funke

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Inkheart I was first given this book by the author  herself in 2006. Cornelia Funke is quite a  close family friend and when I first  saw Inkheart my first thought was  “Awesome  book!” When I was twelve I  began reading it and unfortunately couldn’t  pass the middle of the book. Let’s just say that  it wasn’t my genre.

 Earlier this month it was lying around my  bedroom and I said to myself “Why not? It  can’t get any worse!” and I was  right! Immedietly I was sucked into the  words that Ms. Funke had written.

 The cover: The cover art is absolutely  stunning (and as I said before, though I hate myself for this lone fact, I judge books by their cover very often!) I really like how the story is transfered onto the cover.

The story: On one stormy night twelve-year-old Meggie Folchart sees a figure in her garden. She runs to tell her father and he speaks with the man, Dustfinger. Before she knows it Meggie is escaping South with Mo, Dustfinger and a horned marten named Gwin. Once they arrive at her great aunt Elinor’s home Meggie’s father Mo is taken from her and she courageously follows to save him. Once arrived in a village and locked away Meggie discovers the sad truth of the past. Mo has the power to read objects and people from books and only nine years earlier Dustfinger, Capricorn and his best man Basta jumped off the pages of a book titled Inkheart and Meggie’s mother disappeared within it! Mo, Meggie, Elinor and Dustfinger must find a way to return Capricorn and Basta to the Inkworld without damaging it. With the help of Fenoglio, the original author of Inkheart, and Kartik (♥), a character plucked from the book A Thousand and One Nights, Meggie and Mo are able to help!

Of course I can’t say anything else…it would ruin the story! LOL!

I recommend this book to ANYONE but especially fans of fantasy and magic (Harry Potter fans will ADOOOOOORE it!) I have never before encountered a book with so many characters that can be so gripping and amazing!

Follow Meggie’s adventures with the Inkworld in Inkspell and Inkdeath as well.


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