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great-and-terrible    Technically I began this book in December of 2008, but I’m not a technical person! 

 At the beginning of November a daughter of a family friend came and visited from Rome. She  seemed nice  and we had ONE very large common interest: The Twilight Saga. Now, The Twilight  Saga (by Stephenie  Meyer) really hooked me on reading all sort of stories and novels. My friend  suggested I read A Great and  Terrible Beauty. Seeing our similar taste    in literature I immediately jumped to my computer and went to Amazon! After a while of searching  through book titled “A Great and…” (I admit, I had forgotten the title  within ten minutes of her departure!)  I finally found it.

 Now…first of all: the cover! I hate to admit it but the first thing that catches my eye of a book is the cover!  You know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover!”? Well, I am guilty of that crime! Don’t get me  wrong,  I ALWAYS read the back of a book before purchase (okay…not ALWAYS! If the cover’s great I just  purchase!) The cover is actually quite nice, definitely not typical at all. 

 No for the good part: the story. Gemma (OMG! She has my name!) Doyle lives in India along with  her  mother. One day, whilst in the market with her mother, Gemma has a terrible vision in which her  mother  and a man get taken by a terrible creature. 16-year-old Gemma is then shipped off the Spence,  a boarding  school in England. It is here that Gemma discovers her power and connection to a  supernatural world  called “The Realms“. 

 Practically…I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY like this book! It is written extremely well and has a VERY  strong cast of characters. And as if it wasn’t any better there is also some fictional eye candy…(Kartik ♥)…yum!  

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves when their mind wonders into magical realms! Truly great book!

The Gemma Doyle Trilogy continues in Rebel Angels and the Sweet Far Thing (I am still waiting impatiently for them to arrive from Amazon! GRRRRRRR!)


Volterra Reader ♥



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