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The Diamond of DarkholdAs I have already said before I really enjoy the Books of Ember! And I found that The Diamond of Darkhold was a near-perfect conclusion.

The cover: It’s bright and I love that! Blue and yellow are two of my favorite colors and the contrast is great on the cover! (I think I might stop this cover talk…people no like it!)

The story: The story starts off where The People of Sparks left off! It’s the first winter above ground for the Emberites and things aren’t so easy. People are hungry and houses are being destroyed. One day a roamer passes through town and with a match Lina buys a book  for Doon. Only eight pages are left in the book but the cover has large print on it, “For the People of Ember“! Lina and Doon study the book but have trouble finding any clues. So, under desperate measures, Doon and Lina decide to head back to Ember to replenish Sparks’ supplies. Once at the ledge they see a flicker of light coming from the bottom of the city. They head down using a coiled ledge that winds all the way around the perimeter of the cave and leads them into the Unknown Regions. But they aren’t alone. There is a new family in Ember, the Troggs, who capture Doon and hold him hostage. He manages to escape and him and Lina discover the diamonds that where left for the Emberites but that were never found.

The story is amazing and in the end it hints that Lina and Doon (♥) get together! You then see a glimpse into the future when a gleaming city of light is created. Lina’s great-great-granddaughter lives here and she keeps a drawing, a drawing of a shining and gleaming city that is hundreds of years old!


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The DeclarationMy dad bought me this book two or three years ago for only one reason: the author and I share the same first name! I was like “Great dad, thanks for picking a random book out!” I never did read it…until last week!

The cover: the cover is pretty and girly and frilly and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it ♥! I am lame…I know but i like this cover a lot! It’s cute!

The story: The book is based in 2140 and a cure to stop death has been found. But a document has been created, a document stating that whoever is to sign it may not have children. But people don’t always follow the rules. Anna’s parents didn’t and now she has been taken away to a Surplus Hall where she is to Learn Her Place as scum. She is truly convinced that she hates her parents for having her, for being selfish! But one day Peter (♥…I need to see a doctor! I love fictional eye-candy!) arrives and whispers to Anna during class: “You’re Anna Covey aren’t you? I know your parents!” Anna is flabbergasted (LOL…I ♥ that word!) since Surpluses don’t have two names, they only have one. Peter knows everything about Anna, her birth-date, her name and that she has a birth mark that looks like a butterfly on her stomach. He needs to convince Anna to leave Grange Hall and return to her parents.

I really, really liked this book! It is written extremely well (I hope it gets a movie deal!) I reccomend it to anyone who likes light science fiction and futuristic stories.


Volterra Reader ♥ (tell me if these hearts are getting on your nerves! I might not listen though!)



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The Prophet of YonwoodI read and ADORED both the City of Ember and the People of Sparks (I’m reading the last installment now, The Diamond of Darkhold.) But I was kind of worried about The Prophet of Yonwwod since it is in fact a prequel. I wasn’t sure how well it would translate and if it would make much sense.

The cover: the covers for the Books of Ember have never been particularly beautiful but they’ve always been creative and they’ve always made sense, for example on the cover of The City of Ember there is a light-bulb and in it the coils spells Ember (my brother actually showed me this.) The cover for The Prophet of Yonwood was slightly more complicated to decipher but I did it! (You want to know? No…I’m not ruining the story for you…HUMPH!)

The story: Eleven year old Nickie travels to Yonwood, a town in North Carolina with her aunt Crystal after her great grandfather died. The talk of war is near but the people of Yonwood aren’t afraid. They have a Prophet, Althea Tower, who had a vision of a world destroyed and killed. She speaks of her vision and the people of Yonwood believe that she is a direct line to God. The town is going crazy over giving things up and Nickie is scared that the town is crazy. She befriends Grover, a friendly boy only a few years older than her who has a passion for snakes, and Amanda, the teenage girl who worked for her great grandfather before his death. Nickie and Grover try to find out what is really going on. Try to figure out if Althea’s vision is a chance or if war is unavoidable.

Actually UNDERSTANDING (this does contain some spoilers so read at your own free will!): I really liked how you could fully understand what happened to create the City of Ember and the town of Sparks. Greenhaven, Nickie’s great grandfather’s home in Yonwood, is actually the Town Hall of Sparks which means that Sparks and Yonwood are indeed the same place. Meaning that Nickie’s father, who was working on creating Ember (it is unclear if he is the Chief-Builder of the Assistant or just some random person building Ember), was nearby when Nickie and Crystal were in Yonwood. You discover that Nickie was one of the first people into Ember and she was the one who wrote the journal that later, after hundreds of years, Doon and Lina discovered in the cave.

I liked this book, didn’t love it but did like it. I reccomend it to anyone who truly like knowing how previous stories occured. My favorite part must of been figuring out what exactly everything is and how it all works. I loved discovering about how Ember was created and what Sparks truly was before the Disaster (they called it the Crisis in Nickie’s time, see, information!)


Volterra Reader ♥


INKSPELL by Cornelia Funke

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InkspellImmediately after reading Inkheart I rushed over to one of the bookcases in my room and grabbed the signed copy of Inkspell that had permanent residence there for almost a year.

I really, really, really loved Inkheart. It was the perfect mix of fantasy and peril. I didn’t think it could be beat but Ms. Cornelia proved me wrong…again!

The cover: The cover art is FANTASTIC! I love how, yet again, the story is incorporated on the cover! It was nice to get a view of the Inkworld!

The story: Now for the part which is amazing…the story behind the covers! I didn’t think C. Funke could make anything better than Inkheart without making it sound cheesy. But the plot here is done quite marvelously! The story begins with Farid (♥) and Dustfinger. They have both found someone who, like Meggie and Mo, can read people to and from stories! His name is Orpheus and Farid doesn’t necessarily trust him! Orpheus reads Dustfinger into the book but leaves Farid out! Basta all of the sudden appears out of no where (WTF!?) and Farid runs to Elinor’s where he hopes to find the Folcharts. After a couple of nights Farid convinces Meggie to read themselves into the Inkworld to worn Dustfinger that Basta might just come back to kill him (OMG!!) Meggie’s fascination of the Inkworld grew with Resa’s mute stories and she is convinced quickly. The morning after their departure Basta, Orpheus, The Magpie (or known as Mortola! Meanest witch EVER! NB: she’s not actually a witch…) and a man named Sugar (this made me LOL…Sugar is a man as big as a wardrobe!) show up at Elinor’s for Meggie. Mortola wants to kill Meggie to get her revenge on Capricorn but discovering that Meggie has already left Mortola convinces Orpheus to read herself, Basta, Resa and Mo into the Inkworld! In the Inkworld all certain magics are happening…magic spun from words…words written by Fenoglio and read by Meggie. Together Meggie, Farid, Fenoglio and Dustfinger (OMFG! Dustfinger is married and has a daughter?!?! Resa’s not going to like that even after she got Mo back, she don’t like liars!) set of on an incredible journey to free the Inkworld (WOW! That sounded cheesy!)

Well…I truly recommend this book to ANYONE who has the a passion and a hunger for books. Adults and children alike.


Volterra Reader ♥






P.S.OMFJG!!! Thank you Anna for getting Farid and Meggie’s love story in the book! OMG thank you!!!

INKHEART by Cornelia Funke

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Inkheart I was first given this book by the author  herself in 2006. Cornelia Funke is quite a  close family friend and when I first  saw Inkheart my first thought was  “Awesome  book!” When I was twelve I  began reading it and unfortunately couldn’t  pass the middle of the book. Let’s just say that  it wasn’t my genre.

 Earlier this month it was lying around my  bedroom and I said to myself “Why not? It  can’t get any worse!” and I was  right! Immedietly I was sucked into the  words that Ms. Funke had written.

 The cover: The cover art is absolutely  stunning (and as I said before, though I hate myself for this lone fact, I judge books by their cover very often!) I really like how the story is transfered onto the cover.

The story: On one stormy night twelve-year-old Meggie Folchart sees a figure in her garden. She runs to tell her father and he speaks with the man, Dustfinger. Before she knows it Meggie is escaping South with Mo, Dustfinger and a horned marten named Gwin. Once they arrive at her great aunt Elinor’s home Meggie’s father Mo is taken from her and she courageously follows to save him. Once arrived in a village and locked away Meggie discovers the sad truth of the past. Mo has the power to read objects and people from books and only nine years earlier Dustfinger, Capricorn and his best man Basta jumped off the pages of a book titled Inkheart and Meggie’s mother disappeared within it! Mo, Meggie, Elinor and Dustfinger must find a way to return Capricorn and Basta to the Inkworld without damaging it. With the help of Fenoglio, the original author of Inkheart, and Kartik (♥), a character plucked from the book A Thousand and One Nights, Meggie and Mo are able to help!

Of course I can’t say anything else…it would ruin the story! LOL!

I recommend this book to ANYONE but especially fans of fantasy and magic (Harry Potter fans will ADOOOOOORE it!) I have never before encountered a book with so many characters that can be so gripping and amazing!

Follow Meggie’s adventures with the Inkworld in Inkspell and Inkdeath as well.


Volterra Reader



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great-and-terrible    Technically I began this book in December of 2008, but I’m not a technical person! 

 At the beginning of November a daughter of a family friend came and visited from Rome. She  seemed nice  and we had ONE very large common interest: The Twilight Saga. Now, The Twilight  Saga (by Stephenie  Meyer) really hooked me on reading all sort of stories and novels. My friend  suggested I read A Great and  Terrible Beauty. Seeing our similar taste    in literature I immediately jumped to my computer and went to Amazon! After a while of searching  through book titled “A Great and…” (I admit, I had forgotten the title  within ten minutes of her departure!)  I finally found it.

 Now…first of all: the cover! I hate to admit it but the first thing that catches my eye of a book is the cover!  You know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover!”? Well, I am guilty of that crime! Don’t get me  wrong,  I ALWAYS read the back of a book before purchase (okay…not ALWAYS! If the cover’s great I just  purchase!) The cover is actually quite nice, definitely not typical at all. 

 No for the good part: the story. Gemma (OMG! She has my name!) Doyle lives in India along with  her  mother. One day, whilst in the market with her mother, Gemma has a terrible vision in which her  mother  and a man get taken by a terrible creature. 16-year-old Gemma is then shipped off the Spence,  a boarding  school in England. It is here that Gemma discovers her power and connection to a  supernatural world  called “The Realms“. 

 Practically…I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY like this book! It is written extremely well and has a VERY  strong cast of characters. And as if it wasn’t any better there is also some fictional eye candy…(Kartik ♥)…yum!  

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves when their mind wonders into magical realms! Truly great book!

The Gemma Doyle Trilogy continues in Rebel Angels and the Sweet Far Thing (I am still waiting impatiently for them to arrive from Amazon! GRRRRRRR!)


Volterra Reader ♥


Hello world!

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Hello everyone and welcome to my wordpress page. 

My name is Gemma and I am 15 years old. I live in a small Tuscan city called Volterra.

Unfortunately for the people who live here books aren’t very popular. For example, my class this year is made of twenty-two students. Of those twenty-two only four or five of them read in continuation. I am one of those few.

I’ve decided just to make this blog so I can record all the books I read in this year and maybe make a few suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the page and feel free to comment!


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